University of Extrication: Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Identification – Part 2

In Part 2 of our series on hybrid and electric plug-in vehicle identification, we focus on the existing exterior badging that can be found on 2013 model-year vehicles. Not all exterior badging examples shown are from a hybrid or electric vehicle.

The selection of badging images includes examples that truly indicate the presence of a hybrid or electric vehicle. Other examples, however, are not from hybrids or electrics but rather can be found on regular, internal combustion engine vehicles, gasoline or diesel-powered. Wording used to indicate a fuel economy feature or a specific model of the vehicle might easily confuse or mislead rescuers at an incident scene. That’s what this badging review article is all about.

Study each example shown and then decide what type of vehicle the badging is identifying: decide if it is on an internal combustion engine, a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or electric plug-in vehicle. The answers to this training article can be found in the University of Extrication Message Forum under the “Hybrid & EV Badging Training” posting. Those readers operating with the iPad edition of Firehouse® will discover that each example has an interactive link to provide the answer.