Fire Technology: iPads, iPhones, Apps And the Fire Service

The convergence of technology, connectivity and applications (apps) has created an environment for the advancement of many features and functions that to date have been out of reach to the fire service due to cost, technology limitations and the lack of...

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• Occupancy by Emergency Reporting – Provides a tool to manage occupancy data for responders to include pre-fire plans, etc.

• CMC Rope Rescue Field Guide – Rope rescue guide with charts, diagrams and “how-to” information

Weather related

• Weatherbug – Provides current weather conditions (temperature, active weather, wind speed) along with forecasts, alerts, radar and local weather video cam view.

• The Weather Channel – Current weather conditions, forecasts and radar.

• Lightning Finder – Displays nearly real-time data and alerting for lightning occurrences.

• NOAA Radio – Provides access to a variety of weather radio stations across the country.

• Storm Center – Radar, forecasts and a variety of map views (satellite, radar, global satellite, etc.).

• Aviation WX – Aviation-related weather information (hazards, satellite, discussions, national radar, winds aloft, etc.)

• Hurricane HD – Designed to provide hurricane-specific information (maps, tracking, warnings, etc.)

• Hurricane by Red Cross – Provides preparedness information, tracking, shelters open, etc.



• FEMA app – Preparedness information for different disasters, interactive checklist, etc., from the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA).

• First Aid – First-aid information and an interactive emergency wizard from the American Red Cross.

• Hands Only CPR – Instructions from the American Heart Association.

• EMS Guidebook – Medical protocols in the field.

• Shelter View – Shows all open American Red Cross Shelters in the U.S.



• Placard+ – A quick look-up and access to the 2012 Emergency Response Guide.

• Hazmat Reference and Emergency Response Guide – A quick guide and educational tool.

• Chemical Safety Data Sheets – Displays International Chemical Safety Cards, similar to manufacturer safety data sheets (MSDS).

• WISER for iOS – Comprehensive and easy-to-use information about chemical and biological hazards, evacuation zones and more.

• HazMat Pocket Guide – A pocket guide for hazardous materials


Disaster alerts

• PDC Disaster Alerts – A listing and interactive map of active hazards occurring around the world.

• Quakes – Visualize and notifications near-real-time of places where earthquakes have occurred.

• Earthquakes – Earthquake maps, alerts and fire, police and hospital locations.



• Police Scanner & Radio – Live radio traffic from around the world.

• Scanner Radio – Provides the ability to listen to live emergency radio communications and select favorites.

• 5-0 Radio – Reportedly the largest collection of live firefighting, police, railroad, aircraft and amateur radio.

• Scanner 911 – Live emergency radio traffic with the ability to record and review audio.



• MapQuest – Free voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions.

• Google Maps – Comprehensive maps with voice-guided directions.

• Scout by Telenav – Turn-by-turn, voice-personalized GPS navigation.

As far as customizable apps, there is a new app called FireTab ( This app combines dispatch information, automatic vehicle locator capability, occupancy data, fire hydrant locations and much more.

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