Fire Wire 4/13

FEB. 25: DELTONA, FL – Bystanders noticed an SUV smoking next to the gas pumps and quickly pushed the vehicle away from the gas pumps while off going City of Deltona Engineer/Paramedic Fire Fighter Heather Langston quickly evacuated the Kangaroo Express Store and made sure the emergency fuel shut off valve was activated. Crews from Deltona FD responded to the vehicle fire with structural endangerment and extinguished the blaze.


FEB. 1: MYERSVILLE, MD – Two sisters, ages 3 and 6, who were trapped by flames were found dead after a fire in their home. Their father and another sister were hospitalized while a firefighter was also injured.


FEB. 10: MERIDEN, CT – A pregnant woman and her neighbor died of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning after snow blocked the exhaust of the vehicle they were sitting in listening to music. 


FEB. 23: KITTY HAWK, NC – When a homeowner and his wife investigated the smell of smoke at their home, they discovered fire and attempted to extinguish it with a garden hose. The couple escaped but the home was a total loss.


Thanks to contributors: David Bowen, Jay K. Bradish and Donald Brady.