New Products 4/13

Turnout Gear

DUPONT and LION have collaborated on a new offering for firefighters: turnout gear with advanced blends of DuPont Kevlar filament and DuPont Nomex and Kevlar staple. LION’s Janesville V-Force garments with new Kevlar filament-based outer shells and thermal liners offer comfort and strength. DuPont and LION collaborate with fire departments around the world to test new fiber technologies and thermal protection within firefighter gear. DuPont Nomex can withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Skin can burn instantly at 175° F. Nomex and Kevlar are inherently fire-resistant and do not need to be treated.


Battery Charger

KUSSMAUL ELECTRONICS has introduced the Auto Charge 80 LPC Model 091-206-12, a fully automatic battery charger designed in a compact, rugged package that saves valuable compartment or under-seat space in fire apparatus and emergency vehicles. The charger can be used for positive and negative ground systems and the front panel connections allow easy wiring of AC power, batteries, remote indicators and auxiliary loads. This charger allows for the use of three remote indicator options.


Thermal Imager

BULLARD has introduced the T4N thermal imager, offering the latest in thermal imaging advancements while meeting all the requirements of NFPA 1801, Standard on Thermal Imagers for the Fire Service, 2013 edition. Equipped with a Technology Optimization Package (T.O.P.) for enhanced display and engine integration, the imager is rated Class I, Division 2 for use in hazardous locations and features two operational modes (BASIC and BASIC PLUS). The imager integrates an ultra-high-resolution 320x240 infrared engine with a 4.3-inch widescreen liquid crystal display, providing a super-bright display with crystal-clear imagery for viewing in thick smoke and direct sunlight.


Direct-Injection Foam Proportioning

FIRE RESEARCH CORP. has introduced the TURBOFOAM direct-injection foam proportioning system. The complete foam-management system delivers accurate foam proportioning for Class A and/or Class B applications. A unique pre-set feature, A/B selector button and smart controls provide simpler and safer operation. The system is designed around the foam concentrate pump and installs easily in new and existing apparatus. Six pump sizes are available for 12- and 24volt systems. The basic system includes a control module, foam concentrate pump, flow sensor and miscellaneous plumbing components.


Single-Gas Monitor

INDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC CORP. has introduced the Tango TX1 single-gas monitor. The unit detects carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Its patent-pending DualSense Technology includes two of the same type sensor for the detection of a single gas. The two sensor readings are processed through a proprietary algorithm and displayed as a single reading. It is powered by one replaceable 2/3 AA lithium battery that will power it continuously for up to three years, even if used in the optional “always-on” mode.


Ambulance Concept Vehicle

AMERICAN EMERGENCY VEHICLES (AEV) and LIFE EMS AMBULANCE, an ambulance service based in western Michigan, have unveiled a new concept in emergency transport vehicles that features an interior design dedicated to improving the patient experience. Life EMS Ambulance hired Kalamazoo, MI-based SKP Design to create a more soothing and relaxing environment for patients. The vehicle, which is mounted on a Mercedes chassis, features soft interior colors (lavender, blue and burgundy), ambient lighting, recessed lights and original artwork featuring natural landscapes. AEV and Life EMS Ambulance teamed up at the onset of the vehicle’s design to reshape not only how equipment is accessed and how emergency personnel work in the space, but how the compact environment affects the patient.