New Products 5/13

Personal LED Flashlight

STREAMLIGHT INC. has introduced The LOGO keychain light, a personal LED flashlight with four lighting modes and a convenient auto-off feature that conserves battery life. The light features a five-millimeter LED that is impervious to shock and provides a 100,000-hour lifetime. It offers four lighting modes: high (10 lumens), medium (five lumens), low (2.5 lumens) and blink. Users quickly press the light’s center for on, off and mode changes. The light also features an auto-off warning that is activated after four minutes of continuous run time.

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Mobile Information App

ZCO CORP. has introduced the FireTab app, which lets firefighters respond and adapt to incidents from a mobile-friendly, iPad-based information center. All information in the app is displayed in real time. Firefighters can access information about hazmat areas, buildings and occupants quickly, whether in or away from a vehicle. The app’s features are easily integrated with a department’s CAD and RMS platforms and a Terminal Emulator permits traditional access. The app’s FireCam feature lets firefighters track incidents by live-streaming the locations of fellow firefighters.

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KLEIN ELECTRONICS INC. has introduced the Valor professional speaker/microphone for two-way radios. The speaker/microphone is rubber overmolded, features both side and front PTT (push-to-talk) and two audio ports (top and bottom) with locking cams, contoured edges for grip and feel. An OEM option features a Shadow-V earpiece with a cam-locking connector cable. The unit is available in black or safety orange. Related products include the SHADOW and SHADOW-PRO listen-only earpieces.

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Windshield Cutter

WE CUT THE GLASS, LLC has introduced the RHYNO windshield cutter to the first-responder market. The extrication tool is used to rapidly remove vehicle glass to gain access to injured occupants. Windshield, passenger and rear windows can be removed in under one minute for quick access to patients or for further rescue operations.

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Rugged Smartphone

HANDHELD and ASCENT RUGGED MOBILE have introduced the SAIFE Sentry, a rugged smartphone with SAIFE encryption software to ensure secure communications. The device uses FIPS 140-2, a U.S. government computer-security standard, and a National Security Administration Suite B cryptographic core to provide security for voice, instant message and data transmissions. PKI Certificate Management, Tactical IP Relay Network infrastructure and multi-level trust anchors enhance encryption. The smartphone meets stringent military standards for withstanding humidity, vibrations, drops and extreme temperatures, and it is fully protected from dust, sand and water.

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Responder Boot

REDBACK BOOTS USA has introduced the Blue Tongue Protector Boot made specifically for the public safety market. The six-inch side-zip boot is constructed with 100% full-grain leather and features a waterproof SYMPATEX lining that provides protection from moisture and blood-borne pathogens. The speed lacing system provides a tight, snug feel with one pull of the lace allowing for quick entrance and release of this boot when time is of the essence. Oil-, acid- and slip-resistant, non-marking TPU soles provide traction on any surface.

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