Android to the Rescue

The Fire Service Technology article in the March issue of Firehouse ® reported specifically about devices that use the Apple iOS operating system, such as iPhones and iPads. This article focuses on smartphones and tablets for the Android operating...

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Preparedness Related

• American Red Cross Wildfire Preparedness – Be ready for a wildfire. Be notified for wildfires in your area as well as dangerous wildfire weather.

• American Heart Association First Aid and CPR – An app for first aid and CPR information.

• Life360 Family Locator – Uses GPS technology to locate family members and also receive notification of family members in distress.

• Disaster Survival Guide – A guide that outlines what to do before, during and after a disaster.

• Crisis Direct – An app that helps get the word out to those in need of assistance.

(The Federal Emergency Management Agency app is available on both operating platforms.)

Chemical/Hazmat Related

• Chemical Reactions Balancer – A reliable and powerful chemical balancer tool.

• Cargo Decoder – A quick lookup tool that provides information on substances being transported.

• WISER for Android – Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders (WISER) is a resource for hazardous materials incidents.

• Hazmat Pocket Guide – A great app for hazmat reference in the field.

Disaster Related

• Earthquake Apps – There are many apps for earthquakes such as Latest Quakes, World Quakes, GeoNet Quake and others.

• Disaster Alert – An app that displays disasters happening around the world.

• Natural Disaster Monitor – Provides close to real-time information on natural disasters around the world.

• Disaster Medicines for Disasters – Medicine information focused specifically on disaster situations.

• ubAlert – Global emergency warning platform that reports the location and severity of disasters in real time.

Training/Reference Related

• CERT Fire Safety – An app that provides all of the information in an easy-to-understand format for fire safety training in the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program.

• EMS Pocket Drug Guide – A great resource for any EMS provider.

• EMT Tutor – A pocket app that provides information to help the new EMT.

• Firefighter Pocket Book Lite – This app provides flash cards, study guides, skill sheets and more.

• Knots 3D – Instructional app that displays how to tie knots easily.

• Knotting/Splicing Ropes and Cordage – This app provides all the information you need for knotting, splicing and cordage.

• Fire Officer Field Guide – An interactive field app designed to provide information to the fire officer.

Just for Fun

• Fire Trucker – Drive the fire truck to the fire quickly to help put out the fire.

• Kids Fire Truck Games – Just what it implies, fire truck games for kids (in 3D)

• Talking Max the Firefighter – An interactive app for children that recognizes the spoken word and responds as well as interaction with screen selections.


The new development of device technology (smartphones and tablets) combined with the buildout of a new public safety broadband wireless network – the First Responder Network Authority (“FirstNet”) – will require all public safety agencies to take a hard look at near-term and long-term strategies on how these devices may be implemented into daily operations.

In some cases, the right strategy will provide more functionality (situation awareness, photo/historical documentation, field inspections, training, etc.) at a fraction of the cost previously spent. The devices that will likely be successful in the public safety field will be those that can operate on both the commercial and public safety broadband wireless networks. More to come in upcoming articles. n


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