New Products 7/13

Aerial Platform

KME has introduced the 102-foot AerialCat Platform, offering the shortest wheelbase and overall lengths and lowest travel heights in the industry. The new platform provides 22.6 square feet of clear working space and 6.7 square feet of external working space. The parapet ladder access is provided at both sides of the platform and offers a movable platform control station that allows for control of the device from the left, right and center of the platform. The platform’s modular construction allows easy repair in the event of an accident, preventing the need to replace the entire platform.

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Helmet Kit

STREAMLIGHT INC. has introduced the 3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO® helmet kit, featuring the 3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO flashlight and a Streamlight helmet clamp and rubber strap for mounting the light to any firefighter helmet. The kit provides a comfortable, secure and cost-effective way for firefighters to attach the flashlight to traditional and modern-style firefighter helmets. It also can be used to attach the Streamlight 4AA ProPolymer series of lights to helmets. Both the clamp and strap can be attached and adjusted to the brim of almost any style firefighting helmet with no tools required.

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Exhaust Removal

Many fire departments use two types of exhaust-removal systems in the firehouse to achieve maximum protection for firefighters. MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems (hoses connected directly to vehicle tailpipes) and AirHAWK Air Purification Systems (ceiling-mounted air cleaning units) are both manufactured by MAGNEGRIP GROUP. This combination removes 100% of the harmful gases and particulate of diesel exhaust and off-gases from post-fire contaminants that cling to vehicles, turnout gear and equipment. The MagneGrip/AirHAWK combination can provide complete protection in the bay area, turnout gear room, offices and living quarters.

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