New Products 9/13

High-Impact Sunglasses

ESS (EYE SAFETY SYSTEMS) has introduced Rollbar ballistic sunglasses with interchangeable lenses. The sunglasses come standard with two sets of interchangeable, high-impact polycarbonate lenses: smoke-gray lenses for daytime use and clear lenses for indoor or nighttime wear. The rapid lens exchange is accomplished via the auto-locking Rollbar Lens Gate, an easy-to-use mechanism designed to expedite lens swapping and ensure superior lens retention under impact. The sunglasses’ wide peripheral vision and distortion-free lenses help ensure maximum performance with minimal eye strain.

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Mass-Casualty Bus Kit

FIRST LINE TECHNOLOGY has introduced the exclusive, patented AmbuBus Bus Stretcher Conversion Kit, a medical ambulance bus. The kit provides an effective and efficient solution for mass evacuation and transport of special-needs patients, patients casualties and others who require non-ambulatory transport. The kit quickly and easily retrofits buses into mass-casualty vehicles capable of transporting up to 18 patients plus medical equipment and personnel. Alternatively, it can be set up free-standing during staging and sheltering operations. The kit integrates with most buses and assembles in two hours.

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Helmet Magnet Panels

MN8-FOXFIRE, developer of advanced photoluminescent technology products for firefighters, has partnered with fire helmet manufacturer PHENIX TECHNOLOGY INC. to introduce customizable illuminating and reflective helmet magnet panels. The magnet panels measures two by 3½ inches and are customizable with up to four alphanumeric characters or less. Available reflective colors include red, green, black, silver and blue. The illumination from Foxfire products provides safety to firefighters and others who work in the dark. The panels are available through Phenix distributors and MN8-Foxfire sales channels.

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Flame-Resistant Coveralls

GRAINGER offers Condor flame-resistant coveralls, manufactured of cotton material and suitable for use in refinery, petrochemical, electrical and mining industries. They feature collars, seven pockets, a snap-front design and cuff-style wrists and ankles for comfort and mobility. The coveralls are available in green or orange and in sizes from small to 3XL with inseams from 27 to 32 inches.

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Emergency Response Software

HANGAR 14 SOLUTIONS offers StreetWise CADlink, a CAD-independent, tablet-based response software package. Tablets are simple, ultra-mobile, inexpensive and rugged. Now, StreetWise CADlink provides the software and cloud servers that turn these intuitive devices into powerful mobile data computers (MDCs) for emergency response. Features include incident notification, mapping, navigation and routing, automatic vehicle location (AVL), hydrants, interactive tactical waypoints, photo sharing, tactical messaging and full pre-plan management. Cloud-based system management allows extensive interaction and data sharing even between multiple departments across different CAD systems.

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Wildland Firefighting Boot

THEFIRESTORE.COM has introduced the 8-Inch HAIX Missoula Wildland/Hiking boot, incorporating the latest technological advances into the protective footwear used by firefighting professionals across the country. The all-new boot is built to address the unique challenges facing wildland firefighters. The rugged Vibram-designed rubber nitrile sole is heat and flame resistant to 573 degrees Fahrenheit with a stable non-slipping edge and a specially designed heel that provides superior footholds on steep or uneven terrain. The waterproof leather upper material repels water and is breathable.

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