Our Government is at it Again: The National Fire Academy

Visitors to the National Fire Academy in Maryland are being asked to leave their photo ID with the security guards while touring the facility and being watched by camera. Those attending the NFFF memorial weekend are subject to a full blown background.

As a result of my service, I hold a retired military identification card and can enter the vast majority of military bases in this country to visit, shop at the exchange facilities, or commissary facilities just by showing my card. But this little fact apparently cuts no mustard with the gate guard gang at the NFA in Maryland. The last time I was there, they made me leave my ID card with the gate guard. This is pure case of some government created bovine byproducts (BS being the generally accepted street definition for the those among you who wish to hear it that way).

My friends, this security nonsense is creating a great disconnect between the people who created the National Fire Academy, and those people themselves. We need to speak to our elected officials about this matter. I believe it is critical for each of us to share with them this example of the nonsense which is being foisted upon us by our government in the name of security. 

Let me close this visit with you by quoting of one of the great founding fathers of our nation. It was Benjamin Franklin who was quoted as saying that, “… Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security.” It is truly that simple my friends. Life has risk my friends and I truly believe that no amount of ID checks at the gate of the National Fire Academy are going to make America that much safer. 

I am not a fringe political troublemaker. I have been a volunteer for nearly five decades. I have served my nation in many different ways. I think we all need to get off our butts and raise a little hell on behalf of our friends at the National Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation. For the sake of my dear friend Ron Siarnicki, I hope this gets settled soon. We need to come together on this issue. Take care and stay safe.