Goldfeder: When is a Line-of-Duty-Death Not an LODD?

When is a firefighter's line-of-duty-death not a line-of-duty-death? That seems like a simple question - but it's actually pretty complicated

To me, I have always felt that when a firefighter dies, we honor the life they lead as a Firefighter-not necessarily the manner in which they were killed. One thing that we probably haven't given much public thought to is: what if the firefighter's actions not only kill themselves, but also seriously injure or kill others? Does that take away from the idea that the firefighter should be honored for the service they provided, as a firefighter, prior to their death? What about those who sufirefighterered-such as described above-because of the actions of that firefighter? 

Naturally the answer is to do all you/we/them can do so that unnecessary firefighter line of duty deaths are minimized. Keep in mind we wrote "unnecessary" because their are, on occasion, firefighter LODD's that are not avoidable. But those are definitely not the majority. We all know the majority are certainly-and have proven to be-avoidable and can usually be avoided through training-and more training. What training does your FD provide related to emergency vehicle or POV driving? How often? What qualifies someone to "respond?"

It appears this crash was avoidable-therefore so were the injuries to the civilian....firefighter Bruce Sesening paid for it with his life, while attempting to help.  Plenty to learn here. Again.