Product Showcase 9/13


The new Airshore Midpoint Brace supports the building of raker rails with an insertion height in excess of eight feet. The Midpoint Brace strengthens the triangle and meets new FEMA requirements. Midpoint braces can be used on any Airshore strut with an ELC collar; older collars can be upgraded to the new ELC collar to create the strongest strut on the market in compression and flex.

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CMC Rescue

The Escape Artist Lumbar System from CMC Rescue equips you with everything you need for a successful emergency egress, and allows hands-free operation to ensure a safe edge transition. The Lumbar design organizes the Escape Artist and rope or web with the FlashLite Hook readily deployable from its quick-draw pouch. The Nomex bag attaches to an escape belt or harness below the SCBA and is reversible for right- or left-side deployment.

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Hurst High Pressure P 600 OE

The new Hurst Jaws of Life P 600 OE is the smallest and most lightweight power unit available on the market, providing rescuers with full mobility, low noise operation and no exhaust fumes. This versatile electric and battery-operated unit powers all Hurst Jaws of Life cutters, spreaders and combination tools, as well as the R410 and R412 rams. The P 600 OE power unit is extremely patient-friendly as well, operating at very low noise levels with no exhaust fumes.

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Junkyard Dog

The SideWinder, a scissor jack at heart, from Junkyard Dog Industries is tested to hold over 15,000 pounds and is rated for a 7,500-pound working load limit. Used in pairs or a system of four, the SideWinder can stabilize and lift a vehicle on all fours, on the side or on a roof.

A positive locking thread device, the SideWinder can be used in conjunction with the JYD Rescue Struts for optimal lifts.

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Sterling Rope

The Tech 11 from Sterling Rope is the only 11mm (7/16") diameter rope that is certified NFPA 1983 General Use. The Technora sheath provides outstanding durability, while the nylon core construction ensures gear compatibility, smooth handling and low elongation characteristics.

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Vetter S. Tec 145 psi rescue bags deliver 25 percent more power than conventional 116 psi rescue bags. Constructed of rubber with aramid reinforcement, Vetter S. Tec rescue bags are available in 15 sizes. The rescue bags feature reflective center and corner markings for nighttime use. Their interlocking surface is designed to prevent slipping and allows the rescuer to stack two bags in order to enlarge the maximum lifting height.

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