LODDs 1/14

Three U.S. firefighters recently died in the line of duty. One career firefighter and two volunteer firefighters died in three separate incidents. All three deaths were health related.

LIEUTENANT JAMES C. GOODMAN, JR., 52, of the Nedrow, NY, Volunteer Fire Department died on Nov. 11. Goodman was found unresponsive in the exercise room of the firehouse.

FIREFIGHTER/ENGINEER DONALD HOCHSTETLER, 53, of the Wayne Township, IN, Fire Department died on Nov. 17. Hochstetler's death was from cancer directly related to his firefighting duties. He was approved for an on-duty illness earlier in the year. Hochstetler was a 21-year veteran of the department.

FIRST ASSISTANT FIRE CHIEF RUSS GOW, 58, of the Factoryville, PA, Fire Department died on Nov. 20. Gow was operating a tanker apparatus at the scene of a residential fire when he collapsed of an apparent heart attack. Immediate aid was given by firefighters and he was transported to Geisinger Community Medical Center, where he died. Gow was a 43-year veteran of the department.

Jay K. Bradish