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Firefighter Throwdown Brings Sport, Fitness to Firehouse World

The Firefighter Throwdown is a new athletic competition being introduced and launched at Firehouse World in San Diego, Feb. 19 and 20. After noting the thousands of firefighters who are members of CrossFit boxes, and who compete in Sports of Fitness, have built gyms at their firehouses, or have been involved with the Combat Challenge, it became apparent that there was room for a new event; something different and exciting, something national in scope and an event that’s specific to firefighters and their need for competition and athleticism. 

The Throwdown partnered with CrossFit SoCal in San Diego, one of the first boxes in the country to take a leading role in the growth of the sport. CrossFit SoCal is handling the operations of the Throwdown, and this means the athletic competition will be expertly staged, professionally officiated and the results all accurately recorded. 

There’s $12,000 in cash prizes and for the podium athletes, as well, generous amounts of sponsor products from Reebok, Hylete, Quest Nutrition, and others. The goal is for the firefighter athletes to leave the Throwdown knowing they were part of an exciting, highly competitive and fairly matched event and that the accommodations were comfortable and addressed their creature comfort needs.

David Bowman, firefighter/CrossFit trainer, and recent winner of the "Over 45 World Champion" in the 2013 Scott's Firefighter Challenge is the Throwdown Athletic Director. Having the perspective of a firefighter who is also a winning athlete and has competed for years, coupled with operational knowledge is proving invaluable in planning this top-level athletic competition.

Elkhart Brass saw the value of elite athleticism amongst firefighters immediately and committed to be the presenting sponsor almost a year ago. “We’re not only passionate about our products and their performance, but also about the firefighters who use them,” said Eric Combs, Elkhart Brass Marketing Director. “We support firefighters and encourage their personal health and performance by giving them an opportunity to showcase their abilities at the Firefighter Throwdown.”

Passion runs deep with firefighters, and it definitely comes through with the entries that have been received to date on the website, Those who are involved with this type of fitness make it a lifestyle. Commitment at this level is not a case of being a weekend warrior, for many, it’s life philosophy, it’s overcoming a life challenge, or simply striving to be the best person they can be mentally, physically and professionally.

The Firefighter Throwdown was also created to place focus on the issues facing the fire industry in regards to being physically fit. When the number one killer of firefighters is heart disease and not the fires they battle in the line of duty, there needs to be a universal shift in nutritional and exercise behavior. When the general overview for the firefighting population is either young and ripped or, at the other end of the spectrum, middle aged and out of shape, something has to be done to narrow the gap. The Firefighter Throwdown is the perfect forum for nutrition education and the sharing of diet and exercise information.

Food consumption patterns, simple nutritional education on what to eat and what to avoid, and top of mind awareness of health and wellness all play in to being an athletic competitor. Why wouldn’t these principles apply to the average man or woman firefighter?

StarKist Tuna saw an opportunity for nutritional education among firefighters and supports the event as a sponsor. As Laura Ali, nutritionalist and spokesperson from StarKist shared, “Firefighters are true American heroes, and we are honored to fuel some of our finest during this year's Throwdown.”

Firehouse has been supporting this new and unique athletic competition. 

Join us in San Diego, or watch the entire event online at, Facebook: Firefighter Throwdown. May the toughest, fittest, biggest, and baddest win!

The Firefighter Throwdown is a national in scope invitational event, being held at Firehouse World in San Diego, that will select 100 well matched athletes, men and women. The athletes will originate from around the country and, on Feb. 19 - 20, will be competing for $12,000 in prize money and generous amounts of merchandise from Reebok, Hylete, Progenex,, Quest Nutrition, Elkhart Brass, South Coast Fire and other sponsors.

JOHN CARPENTER is the President of MCM Communications, Inc., a full service marketing and creative agency. He has a personal interest and passion for promotions, and specifically, events. John is managing the Firefighter Throwdown with the support of the MCM team.