Scuttlebutt 2/14

Scott Safety Plays Host to National Junior Firefighter Academy

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), in partnership with Scott Safety and Tyco International, hosted a National Junior Firefighter Academy on Scott Safety’s campus on Saturday, November 16, 2013. The day-long event, featuring product demos, a facility tour and hands-on training drills, drew more than 60 junior firefighters and advisors.
The Academy provides young people the chance to learn about local fire, rescue and emergency medical services response organizations in a safe, controlled, educational and fun way while providing departments with an excellent recruitment mechanism. This is Scott’s third year hosting such a key event.
After a tour of the Scott Safety production facility and lunch, the junior firefighters and their advisors were divided into five groups for hands-on drills, including:
• Obstacle Course – juniors navigated a tire maze while wearing a blacked-out mask, with the goal of acclimating to search and rescue, blind searching, working as a team and communications.
• Thermal Imaging Scavenger Hunt – using a Scott thermal imager, juniors worked in teams to find a heat source in a dark room.
• Firefighter Combat Challenge – juniors were timed for donning and doffing their personal protective equipment (PPE), using a charged hoseline to hit a target and dragging a dummy.
• EMS Drill – juniors were taught CPR and participated in training drills.
• Vehicle Extrication – juniors learned about vehicle extrication techniques and watched as experts demonstrated how to use the “Jaws of Life.”
“This program provides young people an excellent opportunity to share ideas, learn new drills and make connections with firefighters from other departments,” said Greg Gatlin, manager of major accounts, Scott Safety.


 NFFF Presents RIFCA with Seal Of Excellence Award

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) presented the Rhode Island Fire Chiefs Association (RIFCA) with the Seal of Excellence Award at their business meeting on December 19. When the Rhode Island legislators passed a bill exempting emergency vehicle drivers from wearing seatbelts, the RIFCA stood up for safety. The association sent Governor Lincoln Chaffee a clear message that the state’s fire chiefs believe those in public safety should be setting an example for the citizens. In addition, the chiefs told the governor the bill would make driving an emergency vehicle much more dangerous for firefighters, EMS workers and police. RIFCA’s efforts convinced the governor to veto the bill.

“For upholding the spirit of the Everyone Goes Home program, drawing attention to the importance of safe practices at all times, and setting an outstanding example for other service organizations and citizens, we are pleased to present the Rhode Island Fire Chiefs Association with the Seal of Excellence Award,” said Chief Ronald Siarnicki, executive director of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

“Seatbelts save lives,” said Governor Chaffee when he vetoed the bill. “While I recognize the necessity for critical personnel to act quickly in the event of an emergency, I am concerned that what we may gain in response time may be lost in increased injuries to Rhode Island’s emergency responders.”


Soldier/Firefighter Earns Second Place in Best Warrior Competition

Spc. Mitchell Fromm, USARC, is assigned to the 428th Engineer Company, in Wausau, WI. He is a 12B – Combat Engineer who has received the 12B Advanced Individual Training Sapper Spirit and Trailblazer Awards, four Army Achievement Medals and two Army Commendation Medals. Oh, and he also happens to have been a firefighter for the past four years, currently in the employment of Plover, WI, Fire and Rescue.

Fromm recently competed in the 2013 Army Best Warrior Competition at Fort Lee, VA, where he represented the entire USARC. “As the U.S. Army Reserve Command representative I came here to show that not only is there a healthy competition between active, Guard, and Reserve components, but that all components maintain a standard and can win through commitment,” said Fromm. Of the 24 competitors striving for the title of Best Warrior, Fromm earned the second place trophy.

What’s next for Fromm? “I would like to finish college as a Health major and apply what I learned in a group fitness setting for the service industry. I plan to attend the Master Fitness Trainer Course and help build healthier, stronger Soldiers. My long-term goal is to attend Special Forces Selection and make the teams as a medic.”


This Month in Fire History

Feb. 2, 1973, Eagle Grove, IA – Coast to Coast Hardware store fire kills 13

Feb. 3, 1971, Woodbine, GA – Thiokol Chemical Co. fire kills 29

Feb. 6, 1851, Australia – “Black Thursday” forest fire damages 50,000 square miles

Feb. 7, 1904, Baltimore, MD – Great Baltimore Fire causes $50 million in damages

Feb. 10, 1863 – First fire extinguisher patent issued to Alanson Crane

Feb. 17, 1957, Warrington, MO – Katie Jane Nursing Home fire kills 72

Feb. 26, 1993, New York, NY – World Trade Center bombing/fire kills 6 and injures 1,165

Courtesy NFPA

For details on fires that occurred 100 years ago this month, turn to Paul Hashagen’s “Rekindles” on page XXX.