Firefighter Throwdown: The Levels of Competition

Join firefighters from around the country for the Firefighter Throwdown event in San Diego, Feb. 19 and 20.

As an event organizer, we need to give sponsors projections, e.g., attendance, Facebook activity, number of print ads, number of web visits, click throughs, audience reach, etc. Projections justify marketing budget allocations to support events. There has to be a return for sponsors investments, it’s a rather simple concept and fully understandable. So after hours of studying the industry, the sport, the cross pollination of firefighters and the number of competition level athletic firefighters, my numbers were gleaned, organized, presented and approved, but what followed was not nearly that systematic.

As an industry, and as individuals, your response to this event has been overwhelming, far above projections in regards to response. The web traffic is higher, the number of Facebook “Likes” keeps climbing, the geography covered by the applicants spans Maine, to Florida, to Albuquerque, to Washington State, and there are more examples. As well, the experience level of the firefighter athletes is stellar, truly impressive. Then there are all the Facebook comments from friends/family/loved ones, which is heartwarming and entertaining. Plus, the support shown among fellow athletes is commendable. In all, the conclusion is that we have the makings of an extraordinary event because we are drawing from an extraordinary segment of the American population, there’s no other explanation.

The quality of the event sponsors set the bar for the competition. Every sponsor had 500 other events they could have supported, but they chose to vote with their marketing budgets and staff to support the fire industry and firefighters on a first time event. This is more than a boardroom decision from the sponsors you see on the Firefighter Throwdown website,, it’s really their show of support to you the individual firefighter.

You will be seeing photos of the athletes released on Facebook, between now and the competition. Check out the experience levels, times, weights, and photos of the athletes, these people are serious about their craft. Some have overcome major life struggles, while others are simply born competitors it seems, but in all, an impressive lot.

If there were a way possible for any of you readers to make your way to the San Diego Convention Center on February 19 and 20, I would recommend it. The Throwdown will be fun, exciting, competitive, any adjective you want to apply to it, plus don’t forget, our media partner, Firehouse is running Firehouse World in the hall next to us, so there’s a double benefit to showing up. See you in San Diego!