Download it Today: New Firehouse Tablet Edition

Grab your iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Zoom or Nexus Android tablet and download the February edition of the Firehouse Limited Edition Tablet App. 

Many of the articles in this edition are only available via the Firehouse Tablet App, including: 

The cover story focuses on Jan. 16 when firefighters in California and Australia were battling multiple massive wildfires.

Chief Mat Fratus, from Rialto, Calif., authored "Runaway Tactics Put All of Us in Danger." The article asks readers to review their incident command  and tactical skills and he compares some firegrounds to his first major incidents: a train that was going to fast, derailed and took lives. 

Ryan Pennington's new article details the role of the outside vent firefighter. He highlights communications, entry, ventilation and more.

As an officer, do you know how to earn the trust of your firefighters? Swipe the "10 Tips" series from Dr. Richard Gasaway to learn what you should and should not do.

The second article in Allen W. Baldwin's series on the chief's buggy covers the essentials that all fire chief's should keep in their vehicle.

You can download the new edition of the Firehouse Limited Edition Tablet App on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Zoom and the Nexus Android or iPad. Find the new edition on iTunes store or download on Google Play.