Unorthodoxed Confined Space Rescue Challenges N.J. Responders

Firehouse contributor Michael Daley provides an in-depth view of a very complex and challenging incident. He detrails the formulation of a rescue plan, to the initial challenges facing the crews and wraps up with the victim's removal.

Develop the skills needed to prepare for any response: Brute strength and hasty actions are no match for mastery of skill. To truly maximize the time spent without waste during an operation, responders shall be experts in the skills needed to perform their duties.

Technical rescues and high-risk operations are time-driven: Limiting the time of exposure for both the rescuers and the victims assures successful outcomes. The best way to limit the time of exposure is to have a mastery of one’s responsibilities at the incident. 

MICHAEL DALEY, a Contributing Editor, serves with Monroe Township, NJ, Fire District No. 3 as a lieutenant and serves on New Jersey Task Force 1. He earned the Master Fire Instructor certification from the ISFSI and is an instructor at the Middlesex County Fire Academy where he developed rescue training curriculum. He is a managing member of Fire Service Performance Concepts.