Fire Wire 4/14

Jan. 23: Virginia Beach, VA – A bar was damaged and two neighboring businesses suffered light smoke damage after a fire in the back of the building. Firefighters suffered a minor setback while battling the blaze and waited for the power company to shut off electricity. The firefight then went defensive due to collapse concerns.

Feb. 10: Ocala, FL – Firefighters responded to a vehicle collision with three adults, a 4-year-old child and a one-week-old infant. One adult was injured. 
Feb. 11: New Hope, VA – Damage was estimated at $20,000 after a fire that destroyed a barn. Fifteen sheep were killed and a pickup truck was damaged.

Feb. 15: Tustin, CA – A fire that damaged a high school’s gymnasium roof was accidentally set by four students at the school. The students had spent the night on the roof and started a fire in an unknown receptacle to keep warm. The receptacle became so hot that it caused the wooden structure of the roof to catch fire.

Feb. 17: Las Vegas, NV – A firefighter received an electrical shock when he came into contact with a metal gas pipe while battling a fire in a vacant home. Utilities, including electricity, were disconnected and firefighters also shut off the main electrical switch and circuit breakers. An investigation revealed that an electrical short outside and underground was leaking a small amount of electricity close to where the natural gas line fed the house. The natural gas line became energized with electricity, which started the fire and led to the firefighter getting an electrical shock. 

Feb. 27: Fairfax County, VA – Improperly discarded smoking materials were the suspected cause of fire in an apartment building. The two-alarm blaze brought approximately 60 firefighters to the scene for an aggressive fire attack. It was under control in about 25 minutes. Damage was estimated at $30,000.

Thanks to contributors: Don Bain, Jay K. Bradish, Donald Brady, Stephen Grepps Sr., Brian Stoothoff and Timothy R. Szymanski.