Product Showcase 5/14

BlowHard Fans

More and more firefighters around the globe are reaching for the dual-powered (battery and a/c) BH-20 from BlowHard. Its lightweight (weighing 59 pounds with battery) and compact ergonomic design (24 by 24 by 10 inches) requires only one person to safely and easily carry and set it up. Engineered to build pressure quickly.


Super Vac 

The Super Vac 718b is a variable-speed, battery- powered, 18-inch PPV fan with a run time of up to 30 minutes by way of a lithium/ion 24-volt battery. For added versatility, it can also be run off 120 VAC by simply plugging into a power source. The 718b has the same tough, aluminum alloy blade as Super Vac’s other PPV units to ensure performance and durability. 



LEADER designs and manufacture PPV (positive-pressure ventilation) fans and is known for its “Easy Pow’Air Technology,” which differentiates LEADER from conventional and turbo technology competitors with:
• Straight stream air flow 
• Greater air flow velocity 
• Positioning between three and 20 feet from an opening
• Extreme air volume efficiency 
• Higher PPV Pressures 
• Quick and easy to position



Every inch of the Tempest MVUTM 125 has been analyzed and critiqued, reengineered and redesigned, resulting in the all new MVUTM L125. The L125 features a number of important advancements in large-scale mobile ventilation: a new-generation Ford Duratec engine, modernized aerodynamic design, improved real-time vehicle-to-user communication interface, redesigned access panels for easier maintenance and more.



New options on VENTRY® fans include flat-free wheels and skids and the LED Entry Point Light. These add versatility, ease and safety. The fans’ open-flow guards, all-terrain legs and smoke-busting safety propellers give customers high performance, state-of-the-art fans that fit on the truck and happen to be fail-safe, according to the company.