Fire Wire 5/14

MARCH 1: BALTIMORE, MD – Two young children and a man were killed in a two-alarm house fire that also critically injured another woman.

MARCH 1: MENTONE, AL – A historical hotel fire burned down in a massive fire likely sparked by the electrical box. Approximately eight guests were able to evacuate and relocate to other lodging. 

MARCH 6: AHOSKIE, NC – Two girls, ages 12 and 13, were killed and their brother and father were seriously burned during a fire that began with a kerosene heater located too close to flammable materials in their bedroom. There was no evidence of a smoke detector in the one-story home. 

MARCH 12: SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The regular system of mains and hydrants could not provide enough water pressure for the 90 fire apparatus operating at a five-alarm blaze that broke out in an apartment complex under construction and had to tap into the city’s emergency backup water supply. Crews ran five-inch hoselines several blocks to reach the system. 

MARCH 24: PORTLAND, ME – Crews battled a three-alarm fire at a single-family unoccupied house. One firefighter sustained a minor injury while performing overhaul.

APRIL 12: FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA – Firefighters encountered smoke coming from the vents in the rear of the middle, three-story townhouse upon arrival. Crews conducted an aggressive fire attack and quickly brought the bulk of the fire under control in the basement. Additionally, firefighters spent approximately 45 minutes locating several pockets of fire within the walls. Damage was estimated at $100,000.

Thanks to contributors: Jay K. Bradish, Donald E. Brady and Tim Nangle.