New Products 6/14

Custom Apparatus Cab

E-ONE has debuted the redesigned Quest custom cab featuring improved ergonomics that can be seen and felt with lower and wider cab steps allowing for easier, smoother egress. Visibility is improved by lowering the center console and raising the overhead console. Officer-side kick plates now feature recesses to create up to 346 cubic inches of additional legroom. The rear-facing crew seats were designed with custom storage areas beneath the seat for personal and mission-critical items. New options include: severe-duty or ABS interior; power or manual windows, locks and pedals; and customizable buttons on the steering wheel. Red ambient lighting in the cab improves visibility for the crew without distracting the driver.


Ultra-High-Pressure Pump

WATEROUS’ latest innovation in the aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) pump segment is the CPK-5 ultra-high-pressure package. Designed to flow 320 gpm at 1,350 psi (1,200 l/min at 93 bar), the CPK-5 meets the requirements of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 414: Standard for Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles for Class 4 or Class 5 ARFF vehicles. To meet the municipal requirements of NFPA 1901: Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, the CPK-5 package comes with a separate CPK-2 pump driven off the transmission PTO. The entire compact-sized package for ARFF Class 4 and 5 consists of the following: CPK-5 pump; CPK-2 pump; TQC power take-off; and transmission cooling system.


Gas Detectors

MSA has introduced the ALTAIR 2X platform of gas detectors that incorporate XCell Sensor Technology. The ALTAIR 2XP gas detector with XCell Pulse Technology delivers a stand-alone bump test without the need for calibration accessories or bottled calibration gas. The ALTAIR 2XT gas detector eliminates the need for a second detector by using XCell Two-Tox Sensors that detect two gases on distinct sensor channels. For the ALTAIR 2X single-gas detector, by miniaturizing the sensors’ controlling electronics and placing them inside the sensor using MSA’s proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design, MSA XCell Sensors offer superior stability, accuracy and sensor life.



Battery-Powered Rescue Tools

HURST JAWS OF LIFE has introduced the next generation of eDRAULIC battery-powered rescue tools – eDRAULIC 2.0 – featuring two cutters, two spreaders and two combination tools that do not require an external power source and can be deployed immediately and in extreme terrain. The new line includes the S 700E cutter that at 48.1 pounds is significantly lighter than the S 700E (54.1 pounds); the S 311E2 cutter, more than three pounds lighter than the previous version; the SP 310E2 spreader with a newly designed hydraulic pump that delivers 72,800 pounds of spreading force; the SP 300E2 spreader with a newly designed hydraulic pump that reduces weight; the SC 357E2 combination tool, using a compact, single integrated design to house a tool that cuts and spreads; and the SC 250E2 tactical combination tool, reduced in weight by close to three pounds (in photo).


NFIRS Reporting Software

EMERGENCY REPORTING has released its new Analytics module, based around staffing and response-time analysis. It is flexible enough to allow agencies to assess their effectiveness using the NFPA 1710 or 1720 standards of cover or by setting their own custom benchmarks. The powerful tool provides in-depth analysis of departmental effectiveness by letting users analyze specific dates, times, shifts, zones, incident types and more. Using this data, emergency response providers will be able to improve efficiency in their agencies and even defend their budgets against cuts to staffing and equipment. The Analytics module will be offered free-of-charge to current Emergency Reporting customers with the Fire package, EMS package or Fire & EMS package.


30-Year SCBA Cylinder

SCOTT SAFETY has introduced the Scott Extended Life (SEL) 30-year cylinder into its range of cylinder options for the Air-Pak product. Offering a service life of up to 30 years and approved with both the Air-Pak 75 and Air-Pak X3 self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), the cylinder lets fire departments extend service life beyond that of a traditional carbon-composite cylinder, thus extending cost savings and helping to maintain a low cost of ownership. The SEL 30-year cylinder range will be available in 30-minute (in photo), 45-minute and 60-minute rated durations in a 4,500-psig working pressure and is approved to DOT specifications.