It's Fight Time!

 That’s rights it’s fighting time!  What’s fighting time you ask? Well to me fighting time is the time when old man winter comes a calling and cold weather sets in. 

Here in West Virginia it seems that when cold weather arrives the amount of fires increase.  Whether that has any correlation to heaters, fireplaces, or such it does seem to be a more active time of year. 

What’s that mean to me?  It means that winter time is not the “off season” it’s just the opposite: it’s the “on” season!

This past year I have personally taken on the role of physical fitness to help me prepare for a long career in the fire service.  In this battle I read a lot of articles about in season and out of season training.  Most sports have an off season that is a time when they can relax some and not keep their skills as sharp.  In our business we don’t have that option. 

I would even go as far to say that winter time is our busiest season! The weather conditions create challenges that we should spend all summer preparing for, since the fires usually come with the weather.  So how do you keep yourself on point 365 days a year?

I believe that this comes with 365 days of training!  A popular writer for firehouse uses the phrase “Train until you can’t get it wrong!” Chief Cline nailed this one!  Train every shift that you are assigned even if it is only reviewing the same thing for the gazzilionth time.  When you have zero visibility and the heat is forcing you to the floor you will remember exactly how you reviewed it.

I will also to encourage you to not take any time off on your fitness during the winter.  The harsh weather can add more stress on you.  So keep your workouts going strong allowing plenty of time to recover. Most of all, it’s work time!  Work every day to make yourself prepared for when old man winter is bearing down on you, then you can look up and laugh cause you are in mid-season form!


Thanks for the stop at the jumpseat!!