On Fire for training!

  On Fire for training!

Good afternoon from the jumpseat!  This was a huge weekend for me personally as I was able to run and complete my first Half Marathon.   I started this journey last year being able to run only 1 mile, now I have completed 13.1.   During my run I was able to take time to think about lots of things from family to the fire service.  One thing that kept coming back up is how to keep your department motivated to stay fit and ready to fight?

Personally I am a person that has to have a goal.  Whether it is a half marathon or the combat challenge I strongly believe that if you provide a goal for yourself and your crew you will stay the course.    Have you ever had a call where your fitness didn’t hold up?  I think all of us have had one of these moments.  Our business is a all out, work your tail off, physically demanding  job!  So how do you stay on fire for physical training? 

It’s no secret that heart disease kills more of us than any other cause.  So how do you lower the risks?  I am not any sort of expert fitness guru, I am a firefighter that struggles with food and my weight.  But I will offer one small bit of advice.  Choose a challenge!  From completing a marathon to competing in cross fit there is something for all of us to choose and work towards.  Announce to your coworkers what your goals are and encourage them to join you.   Most of us spend 1/3 of our lives with our crews  we need to use them to help us stay on fire for training,  Physical training Sir! 

To quote one of the Marine Corps Cadences that I use during my long run sessions:”If you want it, you got to work for it, and IT AIN’T EASY!  So get out, get moving and get fit to fight!   I’ll look for you at the next distance....26.2????


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