Giving Thanks for the Fire Service!

As this Thursday approaches and the turkeys are shaking in their feathers it's time for us to pause for a moment to reflect on the things that we are thankful for. We all are blessed with many things in life that could never be expressed with words.
For one moment let's stop and give thanks for the American Fire Service. In every town from sea to shining sea there are men and women that are ready to lay down their lives for complete strangers. With the cuts continuing to be force fed down to us I would like to take a moment to give a big thank you to you!
Sometimes I wonder if the community and leaders really have an idea of what it takes to walk a mile in your shoes. It takes countless hours in the beginning of your career to learn our trade. Many hours in the burn room studying how to effectively put out a structure fire. Hundreds of hours in the classroom learning the difference between a heart attack and an asthma attack. Thousands of hours on the cell phone listening to your family attend functions that you are missing because you are waiting at the firehouse for the next alarm.
So with Thanksgiving Day approaching and as millions of families gather at the table to say thanks for all their blessings, let's all say a blessing for the proud men and women of today's fire and EMS service! You are their spending time away from your family so that they can be assured that, if needed , theirs can be protected!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 
God bless the American Fire Service!