It's that time of year again! You guessed it, it's Halloween! Time to dust off that Batman cape and tights and head out to the parties! Or it's time to focus on prepping for a night of dumpster fires, downed trees in road ways, kids out walking along the roads, and structure fires? If your Halloween night is anything like mine it's a busy night for the fire service.

All Hallows Eve brings out the best in all the hoodlums in my area too. It seems like the amount of dumpsters that spontaneously combust on this particular night is amazing.  While fighting these fires you need to be ever mindful of what's in them. Chemicals, solvents, and plastics we know can produce toxic fumes that we should not be breathing. But it's just a dumpster fire! Yeah, but put your pack of air on! Don't take any chances of breathing the smoke that is produced by whatever is in there burning gives off!

A lot of times these people use Halloween night to cut down trees into the roadways. This can be challenging especially if they drop them on a road that leads to a house that they set on fire. If your engine doesn't have a chainsaw ready to go, it might be a good idea to get one for Halloween night to make sure that you don't get blocked by a fallen tree on your way into a fire, or worse on your way out!

I have heard the stories and seen the videos from Halloween from around the country. From Devil's Night in Detroit to Halloween night in suburbia USA this is a night of work for us. We need to be on point and focused as we roll out the doors on this night. The mayhem that is caused may be direct at interfering or even hurting you!

It also is a night that we may need to slow down even more than normal. With loads of little goblins and princesses walking the streets with bags of candy in tow a new obstacle will be present while responding! Let's watch out for the little ones while preparing for the bigger problems!   Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!!