Back to School Already?

OK everyone it's that time of the year again. It's hard to believe that summer's over already and the kids will be heading out with their backpacks on. This is a good time to review our driving practices around school zones and school buses. These are dangerous areas that can cause deadly situations.

No matter what the emergency is we need to be aware as we proceed through these areas. Slowing to a minimal speed while watching for the little ones that will be around is a standard that should be followed. How many times have you seen young kids come to a standstill as the BRT (Big Red Truck) goes flying by. These are the kids that will be walking around in the school zones.

A couple quick safety reminders:

  1. As you approach a school zone slow to a maximum of 15 mph
  2. If you approach a school bus, stop until the driver waves you around
  3. When approaching a school area turn off sirens until you are cleared to proceed
  4. Always remember that no matter what the emergency is the kids are more important

Be safe everyone and thanks for the visit to the jumpseat!