Déjà vu all over again

A post-fire report was released this week that describes the problems experienced by the Gloucester, MA Fire Department when attempting to fight a fire last March in a two-story, downtown, commercial building—and the conclusions aren’t pretty...

Unfortunately, many of these recommendations were not implemented and are once again cited in a report written just 2 years later. 
The Mayor is now proposing to aggressively fund and make sure the department is brought up to snuff, but that’s what she promised in 2009. Newspaper stories and interviews with citizens indicate that there seems to have been funding problems, and much finger-pointing between fire officials, city officials and union officials as to who was responsible for implementing the recommendations of the 2009 report. 
The next chapter in this saga, hopefully, will describe the initiatives taken to further train the firefighters, fund a training officer position, upgrade their dispatch capabilities and provide their leadership with the tools to properly command an incident.
Be sure to read the reports and think about the implications contained within if this was your department. There is much to learn.

Photo by Jay Albert