National Firefighter Near-Miss Reporting System; Untapped Resource

Have you heard about the National Firefighter Near-Miss Reporting System (NMRS)? Have you used the NMRS Reports , or submitted a near miss event? Did you know there is a wealth of resources available on the NMRS web site or that there is a...

Taking it to the Streets, Blogtalk radio on (link here)
Taking it to the Streets presented a great program originally aired on Wednesday March 16th , 2011 where we discussed the National Near Miss Reporting System and program with Chief Steve Mormino, NMRS Program Advisor past Chief with South Farmingdale (NY) Fire Department and retired Lieutenant , FDNY. Download this exceptional program from iTunes or here
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Taking it to the Streets: Near Miss Reporting and One Captain’s Close Call
The program was produced from the Live Broadcast on March 16th, 2011
Taking it to the Streets: Near Miss Reporting and One Captain’s Close Call
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The line-up of Program guests included, Lt. Steve Mormino, FDNY (ret), Captain CJ Haberkorn Denver (CO) Fire Department and Special Guest Captain Michael Long, Camp Taylor (KY) Fire Protection District.
Grab a cup of coffee and sit down for a special two part, two hour program with Taking it to the Streets on where we’ll be discussing the National Near-Miss Reporting System and the untapped resources that the program and system provides with Christopher Naum and this outstanding group of fire service leaders. The second part of the program will dedicated to the personal account of Captain Long’s Close Call event from July 25, 2010 (NMR #10-1072) when a catastrophic floor collapse at a residential occupancy plunged him into a fire involved basement.
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National Fire Fighter Near Miss Reporting System’s Support for the 2011 Safety Week
Don’t forget to go to the National Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System for  number of exceptional training aids, resources, PPT and more. NFFNMRS, HERE
Here are some of the National Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System Programs that were produced for this year’s 2011 Safety HERE
For more information on the NMRS: Rynnel Gibbs
Near Miss Reporting System Advisory Board
  • Dennis Smith, Chairman, First Responders Financial Co. (Chair of Advisory Board)
  • Jim Brinkley, Director of Occupational Health and Safety, International Association of Fire Fighters.
  • Alan Brunacini, Fire Chief
  • Linda Connell, Director, NASA/Aviation Safety Reporting System
  • I. David Daniels, Fire Chief/CEO, Woodinville Fire and Rescue (WA)
  • Gordon Graham, Graham Research Consultants
  • William Goldfeder, Deputy Chief, Loveland-Symmes Fire Dept. (OH)
  • Manuel Gomez, Chief, City of Hobbs Fire Dept. (NM)
  • Bill Halmich, Fire Chief, Washington Fire Dept. (MO)
  • Christopher Hart, Vice Chair, National Transportation Safety Board
  • Mark Light, Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, International Association of Fire Chiefs
  • Ed Mann, State Fire Commissioner, Office of the PA State Fire Commissioner