Firefighter Down..From your Company!

 With the 2011 firefighter Health, Safety, and Survival Week coming to a conclusion, I would like to take a moment and ask you one question. How prepared are you if the Mayday is a member from of company? We have spent this week reviewing procedures to deal with or prepare for a Mayday situation. What if the Mayday wasn't yours, but someone you care for?


Most of us in the fire service spend countless hours together with our brothers and sisters in the firehouse. During this time we develop some great relationships with our fellow firefighters, and even some chiefs (joke). When you spend a third of your life with a group they become a second family; this can prove to be a lethal combination in the event that a "family member" goes down. Have you ever called 9-1-1 for an injured family member?


If the day would ever happen to come around when you hear those painful words, Mayday...Mayday..Mayday and it's a voice that you are familiar with, panic can be right around the corner. Never is it more important than this time to keep your wits about you. Controlling your emotions in this situation may be the key to your colleagues survival.


Keeping awareness to the ever changing conditions and responding to their needs with a clear head and caution to not increase the dangers is everyone's responsibility.  We need to work hard to help our fellow firefighters without causing any more problems in the process.


So as this week comes to a conclusion, let's all take some time to prepare ourselves (mind and body) for the unthinkable while preparing to make sure that is doesn't happen to us.  


Be Safe everyone...and thanks for the visit to the jumpseat!