Lessons Learned from the Living of Life

Some of life's greatest lessons do not come from organized classroom learning sessions. Neither are they to be found in a research paper within a technical journal or a textbook from your personal library. They come from the living of life. And...

I also want to thank my buddy Nolan Higgins and his wife Christine for coming out to share in the joy of the day. I would be remiss if I failed to thank my chiropractor Tim Hayes for coming out to share in the fun of the reception.  I am patient number 0001 in his practice. We have been buddies for more than a quarter century. Let me point out that they all taught me the importance of friendship in a person's life.
Let me share with you the great trip to Nebraska which led me to meet some of the neatest people in the American Fire Service. My two hosts, Shane Cuttlers and George Teixeira were the best. They could not do enough to welcome me to their state fire school.  I must tell you that it has been a number of years since I spent the better part of three days on my feet as a classroom instructor. Shane and George taught me the importance of sharing what you know with people. 
However, let me tell you, the results of my labors were well worth the effort. It was my privilege to interact with one of the best groups of students that it has been my good fortune to meet in many a year. They responded well, asked great questions, and put up with me running them over the intellectual high hurdles. They actively participated at every turn in the road. My friends, it was with an actual sense of sadness that I took my leave of Grand Island, Nebraska. It is not often that I get to make that comment.

My friends, the lessons which I have learned over the past few weeks will last me a lifetime.  Let me suggest to you that you too should look to life's lessons as a guide to living the best life possible.  This is not a rehearsal my friends. We only go this way once. Please take the time to make the most of this life and its opportunities to learn.  Take care and stay safe.