Thoughts and Prayers for San Francisco Fire

 As the reports and audio are made available from the tragic event that unfolded in San Francisco, the fire service mourns another line of duty death, while while praying for the health and recovery of the other two firefighters.


Lieutenant Vincent Perez paid the ultimate price while battling a two-alarm house fire in the Diamond Heights neighborhood. The initial reports are that Lt. Perez and two other firefighters were caught in an apparent flashover. As we send our thoughts and prayers to the three brothers, let's take the time to review the signs of a flashover. 


Signs of a flashover include high heat mixed with low to zero visibility. Both are signs that we all have to deal with each and every day. We are all expected to go into hot fires and search for the seat, that's just what we do. But with this in mind we all need to review the tactics that we use.


High heat to the point it becomes uncomfortable in our PPE, which has us more protected than ever mixed with low visibility should be sending us all a message of a possible flashover.


Backing out of a fire is sometimes one of the hardest things to do in the fire service. After all, we are the brave men and women sent to put it out. With this in mind let's honor the fallen SFFD members by reviewing signs of impending flashover. These brave firefighter's answered the call to serve and have paid a high price.


Let's review the audio, study the findings when they become available and take care of their families like the fire service has always done.  You never know when the next tragic event will take the life of another brave firefighter. 


God Bless the San Francisco Fire Department.