Eating Your Own Cooking

The following article, written by Bart Wright, Asst. Chief/Admin., Maitland Fire Dept. has been used by permission.  This article originally appeared in the May 2011 edition of the FFMIA Safety Matters  newsletter.? ?A few months...

Whenever we as industry officials and managers force a matter to go outside our own spans of control, we're not 'eating our own cooking'. Why is that? Because in review, resolution was all too clear, yet not applied. Why not? In part, because that resolution did not uphold the findings of the superior ranking individual involved.
When a subordinate comes in with a remedy through that symbolically established open door, why not take in what they bring? Why does it have to be the Chief's way? Why can't it be the subordinates? When a property owner, developer, designer, or engineer brings in a resolution, can't that work or does it actually not work because it came from them? We need to be circumspect here, it is all too critical for an appropriate outcome. There are three kinds of people (managers in this concern) in this life; which one are you?
The person that makes things happen, the person that watched things happen, or the person that wondered what just happened?
So as we go about our daily activities, can we not do a better job at eating our own cooking and not make our roles as difficult as many have. Frankly, it's simply not that tough - Let's do a better job of eating our own cooking.

Article Provided by: Bart Wright, CFPA Asst. Chief, Maitland Fire Department