Twisted up Tragedy!

 As the reports stream in from America’s heartland the death toll continues to rise and the destruction is unimaginable.  It hits you in the gut to hear about the loss of life. While we send out our thoughts and prayers to the missing and deceased we need to also think about the possibilities of this happening to us!  What if an emergency of this magnitude happens in your district next, are you prepared?


I don’t know if any of us can be completely prepared for this scale of an emergency, but let’s look at a small part of it.  Let’s look at your part as a backward riding basic firefighter-EMT.  We are a small part of a bigger team that will be searching large areas of debris looking for any sign of survivors.  It is more important than ever to follow a command system that is organizing the search and rescue operations.  Freelancing isn’t accepted on any scene, much less one of this magnitude.

Staying within the span of command is even more important during these large disasters.  Wasting time by going out on your own and not using a coordinated effort could mean the further loss of life.  Time is of the essence when trying to rescue the victims, and by not following a command structure you could cost someone their life!

With this look at the recent events let’s all send out our thought’s, prayers and respects to the victims of the recent tornados in the heartland.  And let’s honor them by preparing ourselves for when the next one hits.  Preparations begins right now, it begins with YOU!


Stay Safe...and thanks for the visit from the jumpseat!!