Work ethic...Got One??

As you progress through your career in the fire service, learning more about our jobs there is one constant that should remain, a good work ethic! The more you learn about fighting fires and the rescue business in general, the more you will realize that the work that we do is just that, work. Fighting fires is a labor intensive, back breaking and an all-out, physically demanding job.                                                                               
With this in mind to be successful in the fire service you need to develop a good work ethic early in your career and build on it as you climb the career ladder. As we start our career the jumpseat is the best place to build it. Being the first one to start and the last one to finish is a good motto for the new firefighter. With today's short staffed apparatus more of a work load is being placed on us all.
Many times, in today's budget crunched departments, it is not uncommon to go through two, three or four air cylinders on a single structure fire. This involves hard work. Going the extra mile will make your reputation grow and earn the respect of your peers, especially early in your career. 
With this in mind fitness and training should be two words that we all are familiar with. The fire scene isn't the place to prepare for either of them. Preparing for a an extended working time is becoming the norm.  Always remember that in our business a good work ethic mixed with a go-getter attitude are traits that we all should work toward having. Work ethic - if you don't have one...maybe you should get one!!!!
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