A Mother of a Day

Good evening from the jumpseat. As the weekend approaches let's join together to celebrate a day where we honor all mothers everywhere. If your mother is anything like mine, they are always their watching the television and newspaper for clips of their child and praying that they are safe. Our mothers have supported our chosen profession, even in the face that it is a dangerous one. You will not find a more loving, supporting, and proud person that encourage our career like our mothers.

From our first alarm, they have put up with missed family dinners and leaving at all hours of the night, rushing into dangerous situations to help out our neighbors. Staying home, not knowing what's going on can sometimes be a harder job than actually fighting the fires. It's a mother's natural instinct to worry about their child at all times, but especially during times of danger. As we become parents the worry grows as the realization sets in of the dangers we face.  Whether you are a mother or have someone that is the mother of your child it's our duty to reduce these dangers.

So on this specialist of days let's join together and send out a heartfelt "thank you" to all the mothers everywhere. But let's also take a moment to take a look at our situations and how we can make each one a little safer so we all come home. 

We all strive for the day to make mom proud, so let's make her proud by coming home and continuing her legacy by becoming parents of future fighters. 

Happy Mother's day from the jumpseat!

Be safe everyone!