Another Look at the Twenty-Minute Wonders: They're Still Here

They are still at it. I have been writing about this matter for years, but the instant know-it-alls are still out there scoffing at the accumulated wisdom of the veteran members in their fire departments. Once again my friends, it is time to share my...

I cannot tell you how many times during my tenure in the fire service that my attempts to establish an educational dialogue have been rebuffed. I guess these folks look at me as just one more old fool that has seen his day and should move along and let the new generation do whatever it is that they want. Sorry Charlie, I am one tuna that just isn't going to move along. 
It scares me to think about the many younger officers who dismiss the experience and wisdom of their elders without a moment's thought. I have a theory which states that each generation thinks itself to be that much smarter than the generations which preceded them. Being smarter, in their own minds, they do not feel the need to pay attention to the advice offered to them. 
Perhaps this is why you see people dying in the same way and manner as other who have done before them. There was the 1978 Waldbaums tragedy in Brooklyn, New York when six firefighters fell through the roof of a blazing supermarket into the maelstrom of flames below. Then again there was the Hackensack tragedy in 1988 when a three of the five firefighters who died fell through the roof of a truss building (just like Waldbaums. The collapse of a truss roof on a Texas church claimed three more lives in 2003. 
Am I missing something here? Regardless of how often my efforts are rebuffed, let me assure you that I will continually work to reach out to share what I know. Most of your cards, letters, and emails tell me to keep on pitching, so that is what I intend to do. 
Remember, a lot of what I am sharing with you was shared by people who were called home by the Lord many years ago. I am just trying to keep the gift of their knowledge alive in today's world. Ignore age and wisdom at your own peril.