Know your Roll!

Doughnut roll or street role is the question? Which roll do you use and why? Both of them have a place and use on the truck, but the application can vary.

Is the hose used on the engine to extend an attack line or are you rolling it up to take back to the station for cleaning. Why not use the same roll for both? There is a time and place for each in the hose rolling world. The doughnut role allows access to both ends of the couplings without rolling out the entire hose. The street roll is used more for storage of the hose and is less useful on the fireground.

Now that we have reviewed the rolls, let's review your role. If you're like me, at this point in my career my role is to ride backwards, pull the attack line and go to work. My work involves a pre-connect, nozzle and a desire to get in there and get after it.

With that in mind I always have to know my role. My role is that of an attack line under the direction of a company officer. Every firefighter should have an idea what is expected of you before you respond. Are you to wait at the front door, should you have a tool with you, and what type nozzle does your officer prefer? If you're not familiar with the officer, or are working with a different one you just might need to ask these very questions.

You never know when knowing your roll will allow you to better operate in your role.

Thanks for the visit to the jumpseat and stay Safe!

Photo Courtesy of the Webster Springs Fire Dept.