Old Dogs and New Tricks

My friends, I had one of those "hallelujah" moments while I was out at the Fire Department Instructor's Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis. It has been my good fortune to be able to attend the FDIC for 31 of the last 34 years. More than that, I have been...

Now here I sit at my computer, trying to make sense of all the things about which I have been forced to think. Here I sit pondering the points on my personal and professional compasses. I am thinking about what I must do with my new knowledge. Let me be honest with you. 
Here I sit at the beginning of a steep learning curve. As I look up the technological mountain toward my next series of goals, I see a daunting task in front of me. However, my cause is right and I definitely need to reach out to the younger members of the fire service, or else how can I share what I have learned over the last several decades. I must reach the very people with whom I need to converse? 
So there you have it. Once again an old dog has seen the need to learn a new trick. If the old dog just wanted to fad away and become part of history, no further activity would be needed. But this old dog thinks that he owes it to the legions of folks who have shared their knowledge with him over the years to keep giving the gift they have shared with him.
Just remember this the next time you wish to avoid something new or confusing. Suck it up my friends and get on with the business of remaining relevant. Take care and stay safe.