The moment many of us have been waiting for!

This just out!

If you are like me, you have be waiting with anticipation for the third edition of the Fire and Life Safety manual from IFSTA to come out.

It was an honor to serve on the validation committee for the manual, and within the coming week, the Playing it Safe blog will be sharing some of the thoughts of committee members and from one of the writers of the book, Beverley Walker, on the importance and benefit of this new manual.

In the meantime, here's a description of the manual, "The third edition of Fire and Life Safety Educator provides the educator with knowledge to support successful performance as a fire and life safety educator as addressed in NFPA® 1035, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire and Life Safety Educator, Public Information Officer, and Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Specialist. In addition, the manual meets the learning outcomes of the National Fire Academy’s Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) non-core course Fire and Life Safety Educator.

New to the Fire and Life Safety Educator manual is the addition of two levels: Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Specialist I and Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Specialist II. All levels are covered separately for ease of use."

I can't wait to get my hands on this book! Even though I was involved in the process of its validation, the book is stocked full of things that will help me with my fire safety programming and efforts. Hopefully, the new manual will be a valuable tool for your fire safety toolbox.

Until next time, stay safe!