Wednesday Fire Safety Programming Tip 2/15/11

One of the things that I enjoy doing on the Playing Safe Blog here on, is sharing ideas with other educators. When I was a new fire safety educator, I was nicknamed "Sponge" by a fellow educator, because I loved learning as much as I could. Since I was fortunate to have many wonderful folks help me over the years, I enjoy "giving back" and sharing not only the things that I have learned from others, but ideas that I have come up with myself. I also enjoy sharing programs and activities that I have modified from the ideas of others that I have tailored to our programming and activities to reach the specific risks in our area.
For this week's post, I made a video about how I document our department's fire safety programming and activities. This video will share why it is important to document your efforts as well as providing a brief overview of the form that our department uses. Hopefully you will find some of the information useful and can tailor it to meet the needs of your department.
Should you wish to share what you do to document your department or organization's efforts, I would love to hear from you. Just send me a note at
Until next time, stay safe!