A Valentine's Cynic?

What is Valentine’s Day for you? 
For us, it meant reluctantly crawling out of bed a little late after a long night of fire scenes and sick kiddos. It meant making pink pancakes for the girls, while we, as a family, mocked love songs and our middle daughter made gagging sounds in the background. No cards. No flowers. No heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. We just don’t buy into this holiday. 
I’m a bit too practical to want my husband to sink money into roses that will die soon or chocolates that I would have to hide from the children.  Nope. Thankfully my husband knows he can please me more by ditching the commercial frills approach, sinking the money into an apple tree I want, and helping me plant it. If he really wants to make my clothes fall off, he can step up to the sink and wash the dishes tonight so I don’t have to. What a turn on! (Take note gentlemen: I’m probably not the only woman who would get slightly dizzy with desire over the sight of this one.)
I couldn’t help but wonder though, am I the only woman who stifles my own gag reflex at all the cheesy outbursts of public affection every February 14th?   An online search provided some interesting numbers for this famous numerical day. For example, 53% of women in one poll said they would dump their man for not giving something special for Valentine’s Day. Ouch…better go get something, NOW!
It seems that 85% of Valentine’s cards are purchased by women. Uh-oh. Does this mean you men are making your own? Or are cards too simple for your gal? On the flip side, 73% of flowers are purchased by men, while women are only buying 27%. I guess guys are finding better returns on love investment when offering up flowers for Valentine’s Day.
According to the same article, 25% of Americans choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so at least I’m in good company. Sadly though, fifteen percent of Americans send Valentine’s flowers to themselves. Given the numbers, this means that only 60% of Americans spend Valentine’s Day expecting anything at all.  
I don’t hate love and affection though. I just dislike placing such a heavy emphasis on these feelings for only one day. I expect my husband to love me every day, as much as I’ve loved him every day since I first met him.