Space heater blamed for igniting a wooden fence.

My girlfriends mother recently had a wooden fence that surrounded her property lit on fire.  After looking at it I was able to see three different ignition points on the wooden fence. 

Here's the story.

Supposedly, New Years Eve the neighbor was seen dousing flames on a section of wooden fence. The neighbor did not tell my girlfriends mother and let her find out on her own.  After discovering the remains of the burnt fence, i went over and took a look at it.  There is about 5 panels of a 6 ft wooden privacy fence that are missing due to the fire and burned areas that span about 5 ft from the majorly damaged area.  I told her my thoughts on it and  for her to do what she felt was best. 

She called the police and the did very little to investigate.  At the conclusion of their investigation, she was in formed that a neighbors space heater which is about fifty feet away is the blame for the wooden fence fire.

In conlusion, after 13 years experience in the fire service, this is a first for me.  So, I am asking, if anyone is reading this and wants to give some feed back.  Please feel free to do so. 

Thanks and God Bless.