Free Materials to help you with your Fire Safety Programming this Holiday Season


I don't know about you, but the word "free" perks up these fire safety educator's ears big time!

In my inbox today I received a note about NFPA's Project Holiday, and I have to tell you, Project Holiday is a great way to help you help your community be fire-safe! Project Holiday is a free, online tool kit is stuffed to the brim with all you need for a comprehensive holiday safety campaign, including updated tip sheets on Christmas tree and holiday safety.

Included on the site are fire safety videos, Christmas tree tags with fire safety tips that you can share with local retailers, safety tip sheets, press sheets and more! And, BONUS, these materials are available at no cost. For those of us suffering from budget cuts, these materials will help keep your safety costs down.

In this post, you'll see a sample Christmas tree safety video as well as a link to a Christmas tree safety fact sheet.

To visit the Project Holiday site, click HERE and stay safe this holiday season!