So, You Want to Flow More Water on Your Attack Line?

Back in July, I discussed the importance of selecting an initial attack hose line that actually has the capability of knocking down the fire at hand. In all too many cases, we see departments stretch an "all purpose" 1-3/4" line on fires, the volume...

Because of its reduced friction loss numbers over 1-3/4" line, 2" hose offers an advantage for standpipe operations where lower than anticipated standpipe pressures on the fire floor can (and have been) encountered, and its size and weight when charged makes it easier to stretch out of a stairwell and into the involved space.

So, if you replace your 2-1/2" attack lines with 2", what do you do with the big hose? That's easy. Use it to supply a 500-GPM attack monitor, but that's another story.