Flashbacks and Other Interesting Events: Fire – Then and Now

What an interesting week we have just witnessed in the world of fire in America. First we saw the impact of fire on the City of Detroit, Michigan. A serious windstorm struck that ailing industrial city. The wind downed a large number of wires and fires...

With regard to this week's spate of abnormally large and devastating incidents, let me suggest that in those cases where a solid emergency response system has been the developed the potential for better outcomes is enhanced. What we did in the old days consisted of a combination of talent, dedication, and love for the fire service. I sincerely believe that our fire service still has an appreciation for those seminal values.
We cannot let the politicians, the media, and the neighborhood naysayers hold sway in our communities. Whether it was then or whether it is now, we need to know how to perform our assigned tasks. We need to provide our communities with a solid assessment of what they can expect from us. We need not set lofty, unattainable goals to please the politicians.
We need to show up and do our jobs. That is what my buddies and I did in Newark decades ago. That is what the folks in Detroit, New York, Colorado, and California did last week. That is what I hope you and your buddies will do tomorrow when the pager sounds or the bells ring. Then as now we stand between our communities and destruction, and we will endeavor to the best we can with the resources we have. It has always been that way. I hope it stays that way.