An Idea for Your Next Fire Safety Presentation

As I stood in line at the pharmacy the other day, I stuck up a conversation with the woman behind me.
Seeing the fire department logo on my shirt, she proceeded to tell me that her home recently caught fire. As she shared her story, it sent shivers up my spine when she told me that she went back into her house to get her jewelry.
How many times do we hear stories like this? If you’re like me, it is way too many times.
At a recent conference, I watched a video that still has me thinking of it, even to this day. The basic premise of the video was the point that it made~ people have only about three minutes to get out if there is a fire in their home (and in some cases, even less time), and the video stressed that the fire department would not get there until about 5-7 minutes later (and in some areas, even longer).
Next time that you are doing a fire safety presentation, consider sharing the concept of the video with your audience. Should they ever get caught in a fire-related situation, maybe they will think twice about going back in. Remind them to share with everyone in their household (including guests that they may have), how important it is to get out and stay out. It would also be a good time to go over your escape drill and the location of your meeting place.
If you have a story to share, we’d love to hear it on the Playing it Safe blog.
Stay safe