Congratulations to Jeanene Green and Gerri Penney!

Morning, everyone!

There's nothing like hearing good news and I would like to offer my congratulations to Jeanene Green and my fire safety educator friend, Gerri Penney from Florida.

The Florida Association of Fire and Life Safety Educators (FAFLSE) is one that I have admired over the years. I watch in awe in how a state is able to have such a wonderful organization for its fire and life safety educators.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given when an educator has done a outstanding job over time, participated in the FFMIA/FAFLSE in an influential manner and especially contributed in such a way as the FAFLSE Board deems "exceptional".

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue's Gerri Penney has dedicated her life to the safety of others and she has also been a huge influence on other fire safety professionals with her national service. Gerri is an instructor for the National Fire Academy, serves on NFPA's 1035 Committee of Professional Standards, serves on the Fire and Emergencey Services Higher Education (FESHE) Team, serves on the EMAC committee (Educational Messages) just to name a few.

Over time she she served on the FFMIA board and as Secretary for four years.  Penney was chair of the Education Committee before the Florida Association of Fire and Life Safety Educators became a "section".  She was the 2000 FFMIA/FAFLSE Educator of the Year.  In 2009 FFMIA presented her with the Lifetime Member award, making her a "fellow".

And, if that wasn't enough, while doing all of the things mentioned above, Gerri worked on her Docatorate and will walk for her graduation August 10, 2010 (congrats, Gerri!).

Congrulations, Gerri! Thank you so much for your service over the years! Very well deserved!

Largo's Jeanene Green was presented this year's Florida Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association and Florida Association of Fire and Life Safety Educators (FFMIA/FAFLSE) Trophy for the 2010 Educator of the Year. Her name will be added to the nameplate on the large trophy which stays in the reception hall at the Florida State Fire College and she was given a personal trophy to keep.

Jeanene's body of work has been acquired over many years of working diligently for the benefit of the citizens in her area. Below are just a few of her accomplishments:

*Provided traveling safety trunks for schools to check out

*Promoted Bicycle/Pedestrian safety with a "Walk Fit - Walk to School" program

*Organized station open houses with large attendance figures

*Provided home safety surveys

*Participated in Youth Fire Stoppers Programs for problematic fire setters

*Organized a mini fire camp each summer

*Held an annual safety competition with the winner's work going on a billboard

Jeanene has been a long-time member of FFMIA, serving on the FAFLSE Board.

Congratulations, Jeanene, well deserved!

A special thank you to Puddin Race for sharing this wonderful news!

Does your organization have fire safety related news that you would like to share? Let us know!

Stay safe everyone!