Dummies Wanted

The recent induction of two dummies into the Smithsonian, definitely proves that we can learn a lot form the dummies. Take a look at the recent “Making a Difference” on the NBC News. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032619/
Larry and Vince are now inducted into the Smithsonian.   They have made a huge difference and saved thousands of lives. Their adds ran from 1985 to 1998. And in those 13 years, they saved 85,000 lives, and the seatbelt use increased from 14% to 79% nationally and 25 years later currently stands at 84% (no, the remaining 16% that still don’t use their seatbelts are not all our own firefighters that still don’t buckle up, although my friend Burt Clark might dispute that).
Of course, aside from the public education campaign, the enforcement efforts by issuing citations, and the insurance companies stance in increased penalties, were also the main factors in this huge success and the 70% increasein 25 years.
I think that is exactly what we need for our nationalresidential fire sprinkler campaign. No we don’t literally need dummies for our campaign(since most of the dummies are the ones opposing the life saving residential fire sprinkler requirement), but you know what I mean.
We can learn a lot form the dummies, and we need to come up with a sustained, systematic educational campaign if we want to educate our public. Who knows maybe we can have a 70% increase in the next 25 years too.

Take care.  Oz :-)