Habits… can save your life… or take your life.

When you are under stress your brain and muscles will engage, automatically and perform just as they were trained to do without conscious thought. If you develop good training habits through repetitive muscle movements and repetitive thoughts, they will reside in your subconscious brain and under stress your performance will predictably follow the directions from your subconscious brain.

Think about how you train. If it is realistic and repetitive, you are preparing your brain and your body to perform actions that may require a split-second reaction. Building life-saving skills into cognitive (brain) and motor (muscle) memory allows you to react quickly in high-stress, time-compressed situations, saving the precious time. Your training creates habit. Have you formed the kinds of habits that will save your life?
Fire Chief (ret.) Richard B. Gasaway, PhD, EFO, CFO, MICP