Bad Habits

In my book, On Fire About Leadership, I dedicate a chapter to discussing 25 bad habits that annoy me. The chapter is entitled “Leave your bad habits at the door.”  Here are seven of the bad habits from my list (not necessarily in priority order):

 1.          Driving fire trucks too fast (Is the risk ever worth the benefit?).
2.          Smoking (Visit someone with lung cancer or emphysema).
3.          Drinking in excess (It’s an illness, and there is help).
4.          Overeating (It may be physical or psychological).
5.          Being disrespectful (Accidentally or on purpose, it sucks).
6.          Procrastinating (You’re gonna have to do it anyhow).
7.          Talking behind people’s backs (See #5 above).
Share the bad habits that would be on your list? They can be funny or serious. Just keep the comments professional, courteous, PG (or cleaner) rated, and non-personal (no names… especially if you’re talking about ME!).
Fire Chief (ret.) Richard B. Gasaway, PhD, EFO, CFO, MICP